License #71209

License #71209

We offer the lowest rates for payday loans in Vancouver!

Community Cash  Canada gives your first loan free and provides lowered interest rate incentives for on-time repayment. 



Welcome to our Community.

Cars break down, people and pets get sick, emergencies happen. No matter how you manage your money, anyone can come up short. Community Cash Canada is always ready to support you to get through the hard times.

We believe that anyone who needs a leg up with their finances deserves to be treated in a fair and equitable way, without the usual ‘loan shark’ feeling you get with traditional payday lenders. We believe our customers deserve the best. We are interested in building our relationship with you, and all good relationships are built on a solid foundation of mutual respect.

At our modern, welcoming branch located in the heart of Commercial Drive – you will be treated to face to face service - a modern customer lounge and free wifi. Unlike other lenders – we don’t believe in charging you as much as the law allows us – We have found a balance between keeping the lights on and meeting your needs.

 Just by walking in our doors – you save hundreds of your OWN dollars!

Stop by for a quick chat with us to learn more, or for assistance getting started.




Our streamlined application process, online submission and ability to connect with us immediately via facebook chat means that you are not dealing with an anonymous person via a generic email, where the person you are dealing with changes with every question you send. This allows us to receive your documents and work to get your loan approved as soon as possible.

We operate in local BC time, and offer more extended hours than any other online option. The average wait time between us sending your money and you depositing it in your account is ONE hour during business hours and beyond.



We understand that your payday is a busy day with an even busier weekend ahead of you. Perhaps you are out of town and would prefer not to have it go through your account. With your personal online login, you can communicate these needs to us and we can work with you to find a solution. 

We can be reached either through our website, in person, on the phone or through our facebook page to help with whatever you might need and come up with the best funding solution for you



Unlike when our competitors offer you a free loan - When we say FREE – we mean it!

But wait…there’s more!

After your first loan, customers will enjoy a 15% interest rate with us, and an opportunity to lower your percentage as time goes on and we have a better relationship with you. This is a $3-$5 savings per $100 borrowed compared to our competition! You will be eligible for lower interest rates once you have established a positive payment history with us. Details coming soon! We’d be happy to explain more about the process and the details with you over the phone, via chat, email or in person.


ADDRESS: 1340 Commercial Drive Vancouver, BC Canada




Mon - Thurs | 10 am – 7 pm

Friday | 9 am – 8 pm

Saturday | 11 am – 6 pm
Sunday | Closed (Operating Online)


Government Pay Date hours

CPP | 8 am – 7 pm

CTB & PWD | 9 am – 8 pm