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Application Process

Step 1- Pre-Approval

Submit this form, and receive an automated email message containing our Inverite Bank Verification link.


Within minutes of your submission, you will receive a response from our team regarding the pre-approval of your loan.

Step 2 - ID Verification

Once you are pre-approved, e-mail the required supporting documents to verify your Identity.

Step 3 - Signing the Agreement

Once we have added your profile into our system, we will send you the new loan agreement via email for digital click-to-sign signatures.

Step 4 - Get Funded

Funds get deposited into your account via E-transfer.





The average time-to-completion is 1-2 hours during our operating hours. The longest portion of this process is gathering your supporting documentation, so we recommend having that prepared before-hand (list is provided in the automated e-mail).

Start Your Application
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